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In the vein of “Would You Rather,” If You Had To… includes 250 cards with horrible and hilarious situations that players have to decide between. The person whose card the judge picks wins the round. Cowpoker lets two to four players become ranchers, rustling each others’ cattle and hiring away each others’ cowpokes. Recruit the wacky characters into your Ranch for points and bonuses, and collect them in tricks from the roundups and shootouts.

It’s like Russian Roulette, with kittens that go boom. Each Exploding Kittens player draws a card from the stack, and if they get an “exploding kitten” card, they’re out of the game.

This is the cutest game you’ve ever played about a haunting! It’s scary, fast-playing fun for three to six phantoms.

  • To play this game, a dealer deals out all of the cards in a deck evenly between the two players.
  • The players organize their dealt cards into a single deck without looking at them.
  • So if they had 5 “points” in their hand and their opponent had 15, they would score 10 points.
  • There are tons of strategy games you can play with a pack of cards and two players, too.
  • If the player who folded wins the game, they score the difference in the value of their unmatched cards with those of their opponent.

A player draws a “Dare” card, which they can then either complete or chicken out of. If they complete the dare, they get to pick a GOAT reward card, which players collect to get the most and win the title of Greatest Of All Time . They have to pick a “Chicken” card and drink according to the instructions on the card.

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Various strategy cards that can shield a player from an explosion are available, as well as the usual cards allowing players to skip a turn or attack an opponent. Twenty-One, also known as Blackjack, was a family favorite growing up. My dad was good at being the dealer and my brother and I would play against each other. Twenty-One is played with a regular deck of cards, so Scary Games no special playing cards here. If you are bored and have a deck of cards, make sure to pull them out, grab your family, and spend hours enjoying this old favorite.

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Once all the cards are taken, make poker hands to score additional points! Every card can be used at least two different ways, so there’s strategy as well as luck. The ghost, kid, and candy cards feature frighteningly adorable art.

Memory Stick Duo

In this new game from Illuminati designer Steve Jackson, each player takes turns acting as the Judge to read a card outlining a conspiracy. Then the other players choose from their own cards, competing to create the wildest, silliest, or most believable theory. Every turn, each player tries to convince the table, and the Judge, that THEIR conspiracy is the truth. Fun for everyone who is old enough to read the news and wise enough to know that there’s more they’re not telling you . Now, this classic game of conspiracy and world conquest has been updated to include current events and up-to-date references! Illuminati is for two to six players and contains 110 cards with new card back designs. It features new art created by Lar deSouza, known for his 2008 Shuster Award-winning online comic Least I Could Do.

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