9 Totally Free Video Converting Shareware For Non Professional That Businesses Use In 2020

However, every single one has free tools ideal for any student. Give them a try and see which ones help you out the most. Khan Academy is another amazing option for those who want to study and learn more outside the classroom. This free resource presents you with class options tailored to your education level and interests. You can find information on basic geometry, electrical engineering, organic chemistry, microeconomics, personal finance, and more. Whether you’re writing an email or collaborating on a project, this free tool can assist you with your approach to work.

  • (To navigate to the review screen, click the calendar icon at the top right or navigate to the last question on an assessment and click Review.) To revisit a flagged question, click the flag on this screen.
  • Draft and announce expectations with parents during this time.
  • Encourage student collaboration with group projects and activities they can work on from home.


Also — it’s the brainchild of another PA, Steven Pasquini. It includes access to practice exams, video lessons and quizzes with real patient cases, and audio exams to study on the go. Next, there was a trend among clinical phase student to recommend pathophysiology textbooks, while no didactic year students mentioned one. So, when it comes to choosing the resources that you’ll rely on as a PA student, you want to be sure that what you select will actually help you. Many of the sites on this list have upgraded packages or “pro” accounts for some cost.

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Overall, these extra aids can help add in some clinical knowledge that you can use while taking exams or while on rotations. This was repeatedly name as one of the favorites of clinical phase students while out on rotations. Smarty PANCE is an online membership course focused on PANCE and PANRE review, which follows a blueprint that simulates the board exams.

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In Scatter, users drag definitions or information to their related counterparts as quickly as they can, clearing the screen. In Space Race, definitions scroll across the screen and you type in the correct word or phrase associated with it before the definition reaches the end of the screen. With leader-boards and high-scores, you can compete to get the best times, adding the motivation of competition to your studying. Formative – Add content for students to review, then create assessment questions for them to answer. 30 creative ways to use Padlet for teachers and students – lots of great ideas. Stay in the know on the latest news from the Capstone, or plan to attend arts, cultural or athletic events.

It not only clearly outlines what needs to be changed, but tells you why it needs to be changed, so you learn from the experience. When you keep track of assignments, tests, and events, planning time to study becomes a lot easier. Schooltraq is an online digital planner that keeps due dates in check. An alternative to the traditional paper agenda, this site ensures you never lose your schedule as it syncs up between your phone and computer.

Engage with UA and fellow students on social media to stay up-to-the-minute on what’s happening on campus. Plan courses by semester and monitor progress toward graduation in real time. Adding a Blue Microphone to the deal ensures that your remote students can hear you.

Once created, the site can overwatch.down4you.software/ turn the information into a number of tools and games perfect for studying. You can play hangman, unscramble, or a matching game before taking quizzes and practice tests. The two games, Scatter and Space Race, allow you to learn the material and have fun doing it.

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