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Of course, there’s free, and then there’s free, if you see what we mean. With over 150 special effects to choose from, PhotoWorks gives you plenty of ways to interpret each photo.

It’s a highly technical Photoshop alternative which offers more power and features and long-term development effort than you would ever expect from a free application. It’s open-source, which means it’s been developed over a long period of time by many different programmers. It can do a lot of the stuff that Photoshop can do, though bear in mind you will have to spend some time with the documentation to make proper progress. If you’re prepared to put in the time, it’s an incredible free resource.

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In the Special Effects section of the software, you can add any effect you like and then adapt it to suit your tastes if you want. Hitting the “Apply” button takes you over to the Enhancements area of the software, where you can tweak color, tone, and sharpness. The Graduated Filter and Radial Filter offer alternative ways of making local adjustments to one or more parts of an image. Whether it’s tone, color or sharpness you’re adjusting, these retouching tools make it easy to emphasize your subject.

digiKam is an advanced solution for Windows, Mac & Linux users who quickly wants to sort pictures by name, size, date, title and other attributes. It offers tagging tools to add ratings, labels, comments on your photographs which acts as reminders. Undeniably the whole sorting process is tiresome, but an essential task & we are sure you don’t want to spend several hours just doing this. Hence, it is worthwhile to take the help of a photo organizing software for Windows to manage your digital photos. Google Photos has had a bit of a muddled history but seems to have settled down into a fast and efficient web-based image storage system with some basic but effective editing tools. You can use it in any web browser and, last time we checked, as long as you’re prepared to accept 16MP JPEGs as an upper limit on file type and resolution, you get unlimited storage. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, which probably leaves you none the wiser, but now you know.

Your edits are stored, even if you move on without saving, and you have the option of resuming them or starting afresh when you go back to the file. In this review, I’ll look at everything PhotoWorks has to offer.

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You can also even up your exposures (e.g. the classic dark foreground and bright sky) and bring out shadow detail. Characteristically, these features are neatly designed and easy to use in PhotoWorks. Portrait Magic is so good that you could buy this software for that alone. PhotoWorks includes tone mapping and curves tools for controlling color and tone. You could apply a color to a black-and-white image here for a duotone effect. The curves tool adjusts contrast, changes color temperature, and tint and even corrects color if you use the individual RGB curves. The Enhancement tab is where you make changes to color and tone in your image.

  • I recommend placing a text file on your desktop that says “THIS IS THE OLD HARD DRIVE,” or something more witty than that, and then power down your computer.
  • Once you’ve verified that the cloning process has been successful, power down your computer and remove your old hard drive entirely.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner is a great tool for creating a clone or copy of your hard drive .
  • Make sure that your jumper settings are set correctly on the new drive.

It includes an Auto Correction feature that aims to transform your photos in a single click, but you can alter its effect if you want. For instance, let’s say you’re already happy with the tonal range but would like more color, you could switch off the dynamic range and add vibrance to Auto Correction. Plus, there’s a slider that adjusts the strength of the auto effect. Not long after firing up PhotoWorks, you’ll notice there’s no way to close images. This is unusual, to say the least, but it’s another form of streamlining.

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