3 Best Solutions to Improve Your Hard Drive Efficiency After Updating Drivers

You can simply right-click on any unwanted app tile in Start and choose Uninstall. You can also right-click on the Windows logo Start button, and choose the top choice Programs and Features. Or just type Programs in the Cortana search box next to the Start button. Though the situation is improving, unnecessary preinstalled software installed by PC makers continues to be an issue with some new computers. A couple of years ago, a Lenovo PC we tested had nearly 20 so-called helper programs installed, and these would occasionally and unwantedly pop up and interrupt what we were doing on the computer. More recently, the count of preinstalled, unnecessary software has dropped. A new HP laptop included just nine of these apps, while a recent Asus model only had five.

If you do a lot of searching, this won’t appeal to you, as some searches will be slower. To turn off indexing, open the Indexing Options Control Panel window . Click Modify and uncheck locations you don’t want indexed. Choosing Advanced lets you decide which file types should and shouldn’t be indexed. An even newer way to keep storage use is by enabling the Storage Sense option .

Immediate Products In Dll Around The Usa

Disk Cleanup finds unwanted junk such as temporary files, offline Web pages, and installer files on your PC and offers to delete them all at once. You may even find that your Recycle Bin is bulging at the seams. This will generally only have a noticeable effect on speed if your drive is getting close to full, however. The easiest way to invoke the Task Manager is by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc. Switch to the Startup tab, and you’ll see all the programs that load at Windows startup. The dialog box even has a column that shows you the Startup impact for each. The Status column shows whether the program is enabled to run at startup or not.

How to remove Windows 10's Settings app tips

You can right-click on any entry to change this status. It’s usually fairly easy to see things you don’t want to run. For example, if you never use iTunes, you probably don’t need iTunesHelper running all the time.

This automatically frees up space by removing temporary files and Recycle Bin items. For a full rundown on how to use this feature, see How to Free Up Hard Disk Space on Windows 10. This opens the trusty Disk Cleanup utility that’s been part of Windows for several generations of the OS.

Even Microsoft is not blameless in this game, though, including a couple of games from King and perhaps some mixed reality software you may not be interested in. Something that is recommended is keeping your OS version up to date.

Now, either reboot Windows or open Command Prompt as admin and execute gpupdate /force command to make the policy apply to the system. Once the policy is applied successfully, you will no longer see the embedded tips or suggested content and videos.

Options For Programs Of Dll Errors

  • New accounts can be created by going to Settings, then Accounts, then Family & other users.
  • You can also disable some of the information websites can grab from your device, such as https://wikidll.com/3dfx whether you’ve got any payment details saved in Windows 10.
  • You can, for example, automatically delete browsing cookies and your browsing history every time you close down Edge.
  • If you see an app in the list that you’re not happy with, just turn the toggle switch to off.
  • Open up Settings, then choose Privacy and Contacts to get to the relevant section.

This seems perhaps a bit too obvious to include below as a separate step. Periodically head to the Settings app’s Windows Update section to see whether there are any security and reliability updates you should install. Your PC may run faster after one of these, since they also can include hardware driver updates. Do this even if you don’t want yet want a big feature update—you can delay those major updates in the same section of Settings.

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